Most FAQs are covered below, however if there is anything we haven't covered, feel free to get in touch using our contact form.

Results vary from person to person - this can be down to their initial goal and also to their attitude to the program they are on. 

In regards to weight loss, on average our clients can lose up to 2 stones in weight in 12 weeks but more importantly learn how to maintain that result. 

We also have clients looking to increase muscle size and shape, tone up and simply improve their health and fitness level. 

Whatever your goal, our mission is to help you achieve that result and be with you every step of the way.

We understand it may be intimidating starting a new fitness regime and we hear this a lot but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you are brand new to training or have a little bit of experience, this is YOUR health and fitness journey and we will gradually progress you at your pace. We can teach and educate you the correct movements and techniques to ensure you are doing things safely and effectively.

Our sessions range from 45 to 60 mins depending on what program you are on. They all have an effective warm up and cool down included in the session.

You will be assigned your own accountability coach who will guide and support you through your trial. They will then be on hand to discuss how easy it is to transition into being a member.

Our highly qualified staff will welcome you and explain all that you need to know for your first visit. Once your health information has been checked you will meet the rest of your group and begin your session.

We take care of all of our members but we take great pride in looking after ones on their first few sessions. We understand it can be intimidating so we want you to be comfortable and for it to be enjoyable. 

There is 2 hour parking outside the studio and on the roads in Leigh plus two car parks very close by.

To be honest, wear something you are comfortable in. It’s not a fashion studio and clients generally wear usual exercise attire. 

Women - Leggings with t-shirt or vest top.

Men - Shorts/joggers and t shirt

Comfortable trainers. Please bring a water bottle and cold filtered water is available on site. 

You can bring a small towel if you want in case/when you get sweaty.

We have all of the latest measures in place to make us covid secure and we are recognised as Covid-19 response approved by UK Active.

We require notice before the 21st of the month in which you want to cancel your membership.