Women and Weights - Will Lifting Weights Make Me Look "Bulky"?

The common consensus of most of the female population is that training with weighs will make them “bulky” or they will “put on too much muscle”. This is far from the truth!

It is hard enough for men to add muscle to their frame and they have the luxury of a much higher level of the muscle building hormone – testosterone, so don’t be fooled in to thinking that by performing resistance training women will suddenly become a female version of the hulk.

In actual fact every single one of our clients at Club One Hundred will partake in some kind of tailored progressive resistance program, male or female, whatever their goals or aspirations. The reason for this is simple – our bodies are designed to undertake a certain amount of physical stress, this stress provides a stimulus for neuromuscular enhancement, which in turn improves hormonal fluctuations, body composition (shape) and the efficiency of how we function. 

The simple fact is that if women want to improve how their body looks, moves and performs internally then they should skip the spin class or jogging on the treadmill and have a full body resistance work out.


Here are our top 10 reasons why women should perform resistance training:

1. Fat Loss – Resistance training has been scientifically proven to be the best form of training for fat loss, burning more calories during and after the session than any low intensity cardiovascular type of training. This is due to the metabolic stimulus of this form of training which can have you burning a ton of calories up to 48 hours after training.

2.  Muscle Toning – I hate the word “toning” because it's generally used by people that don’t understand how to train effectively. But in this case i’ll use it to demonstrate how resistance training can improve the shape of individual muscle groups, making you look better with clothes on and off.

3.  Controlling hormonal fluctuations – A major issue to overcome if you want to improve your body composition and shape is to control how your hormones can negatively effect your body. Training with weights can help to stop cortisol and insulin spikes which can lead to fat storage along with other health issues.

4.  You will age better and live longer – Studies have shown that even a slight increase in muscle mass can help you to live longer and stay looking younger for longer. This is due to Growth Hormone being produced after a resistance workout. This hormone works wonders for hair, skin and nails, not to mention its fat burning properties.

5. Decreased disease risk – The higher the level of lean muscle tissue, the higher the endogenous antioxidant ‘Glutathione’. Low levels of this antioxidant is a precursor to fatal disease risk, especially cancer. 

6.  Healthier pregnancies and babies – Mothers to be and those that perform resistance training (at the correct intensity) have been shown to gain less pregnancy weight during and after birth and have babies that are more likely to within the normal weight range, as well as less chance of being insulin sensitive.

7. Improved cardiovascular system – Contrary to popular belief the best way to improve your cardiovascular system is not always to perform cardiovascular training, (jogging etc.) This again is due to the intensity resistance training can be performed at and the positive stresses it can have on the body.

8. Better posture, balance and flexibility – Resistance training can help you to stand, move and perform better by addressing any weakness or muscle imbalances in the body by targeting structural disparities.

9. Improved immune system – You can improve your bodies gene expression by lifting weights. This in turn increases the bodies antioxidant system ready to fight off any virus’s, keeping you healthier and fitter for longer.

10. Improved mental acumen – Fewer mood fluctuations, increased positive outlook and improved physical confidence are all expected side effects of following a tailored resistance program.

So ladies to summarise if you want to lose body-fat, ‘tone up’ and improve every aspect of your body inside and out you should follow a tailored resistance program. You don’t have to jump straight in with the big guys at the ‘testosterone city’ corner of your gym but try to spend more time lifting weights that target specific body parts.

The Team at Club One Hundred