Part 3 of 5: Ways To Be Healthier - Exercise

 Welcome to Part 3 of simple ways to create a healthier lifestyle.
Achieving a healthy body is made up of many things but I think we can all agree that exercise is fundamental for health.
We regularly hear about the benefits of exercise and how it can help with weight loss but what types of exercise should we do and how much?
As a general rule getting some exercise each day would be the ideal. 
That might seem excessive to some but as humans we need to be active.
I'm not suggesting that you need to be in the gym 7 days a way!
Ideally you should be aiming for between 2-4 gym/exercise sessions a week and as a minimum getting some steps in during the day.
We can all make time to move - 2000, 5000 or 10,000 steps a day. Get yourselves outside and walk.
Walking and exercise in general isn't just all about burning calories and losing weight, it's great for helping you to switch off and improving overall mood.
Remember, this article is about health so finding some activities you enjoy doing will make you more likely to engage in said activity and do it for longer. 
There is no fun in doing a 45min spin class if it's not something you enjoy just because you know it burns a lot of calories. 
There are many types of exercise that are beneficial and in our opinion we recommend adding some resistance training into your week. (using weights)
I could give you 100's of testimonials from people that never did any weights before and now love them because of the way it makes them look and feel.
I would also say a lot of them would be women.
You also need some cardio in your program, it could be activities like running or swimming or something that packs a big punch in a shorter period of time like HIIT. (High Intensity Interval Training) You don't need to be spending hours and hours in the gym.
My point to all of this is that we want you to move more in something you enjoy, focus on doing it to improve your health and your body shape and weight loss goals will take care of themselves - as long as you're following a healthy diet (see our last email)
To maximise your results finding an activity that gets you slightly out of breath at least twice a week is perfect. It will help with your goals and will help your body to adapt and boost your fitness level.
If you're a beginner then walking may be all you feel you can start with but getting the help from a health professional is invaluable. 
We have a range of programs to get you started and we can help people with any fitness level, age and body shape.