Part 2 of 5: Ways To Be Healthier - Food

You can't out train a bad diet and being consistent with your food choices really is the key to optimal health and weight loss.
Welcome to part 2 of 5 of ways to instantly improve your health.
Today we are going to talk about food.
If you search for healthy diets there will be thousands of opinions of ways to eat a healthy diet but there have been so many fad diets over the years and many are unsustainable which is part of the overall program.
Anything from chronic illness', heart disease, diabetes, cancers, IBS and just being overweight can be linked to an unhealthy diet.
The problem is due to the amount of unhealthy, processed foods available and our bodies are bearing the brunt of the added chemicals and unhealthy ingredients.
If you mess with mother nature and don't eat the wealth of healthy foods that are available then over time your body will start to show symptoms of this. 
The old adage of 'You are what you eat' is very true - if you choose foods high in unhealthy fats, chemicals, salts, unnecessary carbohydrates and grains your body will at some point deteriorate and show you symptoms that will lead to a drop in health.
But the good news is that you can quickly change these effects by making good choices.
So what is a 'healthy' diet?
We believe that you should eat foods that are either grown naturally in the soil, can run or swim.  Basically meats/fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds.
You need a variety of these foods to help improve your microbiome which is the vast number of gut bacteria which really is the centre of our health. (this will be a whole different email)
Choosing different vegetables and plants will help to feed your microbiome and help to improve your immune system, boosting health and your ability to fight off infection.
Every different plant/vegetable will have a slightly different ability to help with this so its vitally important to include as many of these as possible. Look for a plate full of colour and variety.
Lean meats and healthy fats are important too and these should come from natural sources - seafood, avocados nuts seeds etc
Weight loss is a big goal for many but I guarantee you (pretty much ha) that if you start to focus on eating foods to help you become more healthy and this becomes your goal, you will start to lose weight and feel so much better. More energy, better sleep and a feeling of vitality.
The big thing to consider with this is consistency. 
Your body will thank you so much for being consistent with your food choices, sleep, drink choices etc 
You can't out train a bad diet and being consistent with your food choices really is the key to optimal health and weight loss.
So I urge you to make good choices with your food and drinks, be consistent with them and see and feel how your body responds to it.
I know you will feel so much better for it!
The Team at Club One Hundred