It's Just The Weekend Right?

Does this sound familiar to you?
You've set a goal of losing a stone in weight and you've started to exercise and generally your food intake has been on point.
You've seen some changes in your body shape and the scales are moving in the direction you want.
All seems good.
Then it's the weekend and suddenly your choices aren't so good.
You think "never mind" it's just one weekend...then suddenly it becomes a habit and you have a few drinks on Friday and Saturday night and maybe a few bad meals and possibly a glass or two of wine on Sunday afternoon.
You deserve it's the weekend!
This a bad habit to get into...feeling you deserve a treat just because it's the weekend.
If you do it by meals:
3 meals a day x 7 = 21 a week
Friday dinner plus Sat and Sun meals = 7 meals
As a percentage, 7 meals of 21 = 33%
That's a third of your meals for the week you could be eating unhealthy foods.
Now I'm not saying you can't enjoy yourself at the weekend and have a social life but just be careful not to fall in to the trap of doing well during the week and then not for two to three days...You can't out train a bad diet.
Consistency is the key to you achieving your goals.
If you have events in the week (at any point) you can still enjoy yourself but just be as good as you can be right up to the event, enjoy yourself, and then get straight back on track as soon as you can.
This is the way to stay consistent and achieve your goals.
Obviously if you have a big goal to achieve in a certain time period you may have to sacrifice a few events but life is for living so enjoy it but be mindful that if you want to achieve something you need to get back on track asap.
So without sounding like a kill joy...what choices are you going to make this weekend?
Could you clean up your food and drink this weekend to help you get closer to your goal? 
Whatever you get up to have a great time!!