"How long have you been trying to lose weight?

I spoke to a new member last week and one of the questions we always ask is:


"How long have you been trying to lose weight?


Her answer:


"My whole life"


When I asked her why she feels like she has never hit her weight loss goals she said she was scared of failing...


She's spent her whole life wanting to lose weight, feel better about herself and get fitter but never fully committed a program because she didn't want to fail.


She didn't take action..


But inaction is also a choice...


I get it - I get how hard life can be and how a lot of people can put themselves last.


But I'm happy to report that she's now 8lbs down in her first 5 days, feeling fitter, stronger and more confident already.


So what changed her mind and what made her commit to finally losing weight?


These 6 words:


"What's the worst that can happen"


So now I ask you - What's the worst that can happen?...


If you've been trying to lose weight / get fitter for years...if you commit to a program, what's the worst that can happen? We offer a 5 Day kickstart where you can try our programs for 5 days for FREE and see how we do things with our full members. No obligation. 


The worst that happens is you train twice in our studio, change your nutrition for a week, lose a few lbs and start feeling better. Sounds pretty good to me!


If you've been struggling to lose weight and get fit then we can help, simply complete the enquiry form HERE or apply for our 5 Day Kickstart HERE


If you have any questions then please email us at info@clubonehundred.com