How Do You Burn The Most Calories?

Our gym/studio in Leigh on Sea delivers different programs each day and It's very easy to make the gym your big focus as the only way to burn calories. Now you do burn calories in the gym and it has so many benefits including...getting stronger, fitter, healthier, gaining confidence and improving self esteem to name but a few.

However your main way of burning fat needs to come from your calorie intake and your daily activity. 

If you just rely on 2 - 3 gym sessions a week (2-3 hours out of a whole week) especially if you sit at a desk all day, it may take a LOT longer to reach your goals or worse still you just may never hit them. 

To lose fat you need to be in a calorie deficit - taking in less calories than you need.
You also need to be active each and everyday - The majority of calories you burn on a daily basis come from your body functioning and keeping itself alive and the activity you perform. 

When I say activity I mean using the stairs instead of the lift, getting your daily steps in by going out for a walk and getting up from your desk every 30 mins to have a quick walk around and stretch. 

It's these movements and activities that will help you burn fat and change your body shape.

The gym can then be reframed - look at it as performance based. Focus on how much weight can you lift, how fast can you go on the bike or how quickly you can slam the rope.
Focus on this and measure your performance and suddenly the gym is FUN.

Consistency is key to all of this...for your daily activity, nutrition and attending your gym sessions.

Focus on being active, staying in your calorie deficit and make your gym sessions fun by concentrating on your performance and you will soon start to see your results come into fruition.


The Team at Club One Hundred