Fed Up Of Being Tired? Try This

Do you struggle to sleep?


Do you wake up tired?


You're not the only one...research suggests that around 30% of adults struggle with their sleep and up to 35% of people get less than 7 hours of sleep a night. Not good!


Sleep is the number one health remedy we have but also the number one most abused...and why do we abuse it..It's FREE!!


Now sleep issues are varied and need more detail than I'm going to go into today but one thing that has really helped me with my sleep is getting natural sunlight into my eyes.


Sounds simple right?


It is but it takes a bit of effort. 


Dr Andrew Huberman from Stanford University states, get as much light into your eyes before 10am. Ideally by being outside with no sunglasses on. (Please don't stare at the sun though)


If you are up and out before the sun is up then put your lights on and get outside when the sun is up and out. 


5-10mins is the minimum when the sun is shining but you will need more 10-20mins when it's cloudy.


The sun is our friend and is the life force that runs our life. Use it for it's energy.


If you want to help to regulate your our body clock then get yourself outside when the sun is setting and you have the yellow/orange glow in the sky. The same time frame as before. (5-10mins/15/20mins)


If you go for a walk during these times not only are you helping your sleep but also getting your daily activity levels up. Win-win!


Give it a try and enjoy your new found deeper sleep.