5 Easy Ways To Be Healthier Today

Health is not valued until sickness comes - Thomas Fuller
Your body is your most priceless possession - take care of it - Jack Lalane
How often do you think about your health?
Some more than others I'm sure but you only really start to think about it more when sickness comes.
We have all been guilty of taking it for granted but hopefully the last few years have taught us that we need to take control of it.
YOU are in control of your own health and only YOU can choose to improve it.
Weight loss is the number one goal our clients have and that often ensures that they become healthier too but if you're not doing it correctly this isn't always the case.
I know 'health' isn't a sexy goal to have but it's the most important. And if you focus on improving your health then weight loss and a change in body shape will always occur. 
So what can you do today to improve your health?
 - Get a Good Nights Sleep: 7-9 hours of sleep is vital for health and encourages your body to lose weight.
 - Reduce Your Stress Levels - emotional or physical stress is a silent killer and will have a huge impact on your body. (again limiting your weight loss) Take 5-10 mins a a minimum each day to just sit and relax - try some relaxed deep breathing, listen to your favourite music, stretch or read a book. All will help to relax your mind.
 - Choose Healthy Foods - simple I know but often neglected. Choose natural grown foods, lean meats and fruits and vegetables. You are what you eat after all! Try to eat organic whenever possible. 
 - Regular Exercise - work with us, get to a gym, follow an online video and/or get outside walking. You need to be moving through the day as this will help with your stress levels and help your body to burn calories.
 - Drink Filtered Water - Keeping hydrated is so important, your body requires water to be able to be efficient in all of the processes it does on a daily basis. Always choose filtered water as a priority over tap water.
This is a quick and brief outline and please look out as there will be future emails around each topic to give you more information and guidance but these are simple things to add into your life TODAY.
Your body will thank you for it and will you will soon start to notice it changing for the better.